"Fall in love with taking time out just for you - mind, body & soul. Make it a priority."

At Simply For Now, we focus on women's well being and creating simple practices 
for inner calm & focus.

Through the chaos of daily life, you can draw on mindfulness to help create peace, fulfilment & gratitude. 

Simply for now offers customized sessions in women's mindfulness practices including; mindfulness breathing technique training, self compassion exercises, mindful communication, back to basics mindful nature practice and much more!
Mindfulness can bring many rich rewards into your life including:

Increased compassion & love for ourselves and others.
Increased self esteem.
Improvement in general well being, emotional, spiritual, mental & physical health. 

Calmness and happiness to your daily life.
Helping to regulate emotions.

Acceptance of people and situations.
Encouraging a healthy, positive mindset.

Keeping you in the present moment - not worrying about the future or regretting/reliving the past.

Improving concentration and mental clarity.
Decreasing our extreme reactions to stressful situations.
When stressful situations occur, accepting and recovering from them quicker and calmer.

Improvements in communication skills.
Enhancing relationships.
Decreasing conflict with others.

Accepting our circumstances and increasing resilience.
Encouraging perspective and responsibility for our choices.


** Mindfulness should not replace treatments from licensed health care professionals, but rather work in harmony with and complement such treatments

60 mins

$ 95
  • **Add $15 travel for mobile service

90 mins

$ 120
  • **Add $15 travel for mobile service

4 x 60 mins

$ 320
  • ** Includes free small gift. Add $15 one off fee for travel for mobile service

120 mins

$ 150
  • **Add $15 travel for mobile service

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A quick reflection on mindfulness (from personal experience) - Being mindful leads us to be more positive, have a better mind state, accept ourselves as we are, accept our circumstances and always look for the lessons a situation can teach us. Being resilient relies upon choosing moods, thoughts and responses that serve us – being mindful enhances this. When faced with a challenging situation, being mindful gives us the tools to refrain from negativity, to not become overwhelmed or respond in fear or panic. Instead we adapt to the situation and accept the emotions we are feeling. By being mindful we cope with any negative thoughts that arise out of the situation in a calm manner, viewing them as just “thoughts”, accepting them and letting them pass. Furthermore, being mindful enables us to take the difficult situation and search for meanings and lessons in that situation. If it involves a person or if the situation is a person (or ourselves), being mindful can help us respond to others and ourselves with kindness, understanding and compassion. 


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