Suzie Andrew

Simply For Now is a space to relax & renew.
Created for women by Suzie Andrew -  mother of 3 children, Reiki practitioner, Mindfulness teacher, Animal/Equine Reiki practitioner & passionate advocate for Women's well being.

Simply For Now offers 1:1 sessions and workshops to help women navigate daily life with inner calm & self love.
With guidance through the beautiful, pure energy of Reiki & the inspirational practice of mindfulness - Simply For Now invites all women to experience a change in their lives. An opportunity to get back to basics, put their needs first & create peace from within.

Hear from Suzie;
"I have always been connected to nature & animals - anything of pure energy. After starting my initial training in Usui Reiki in 2004 I have since trained in levels I,II & IIIA - Master Practitioner level. I have always turned to Reiki for comfort & balance, especially during some difficult times when struggling after my 3rd child was born. During that challenging time it was the combination of Reiki, mindfulness, meditation & self care that lead me to a calmer & more fulfilled state of being. It was also the support & acceptance from others that gave me the space to heal and move forward on my journey.

Life for us as women is so busy; it can be chaotic, messy and leave us feeling like we have no time for self care & self love. Making time for ourselves however is essential & Simply For Now was created to help women achieve the care they deserve.

Self care is not selfish! Turn to your self compassion & inner wisdom. You know you deserve to put yourself first! You know if you don't look after your well being properly, you may find it harder to support the well being of your friends & family.

My children love to see me taking time out for me, they are interested in how I do it, why I do it, and they are learning through my modelling what self care is - and why it is so important. 
Take the time today to reassess your priorities - what do you need to feel refreshed & renewed?
Call me today for a obligation free chat on how Simply For Now can help enhance your well being, in a supporting and caring environment"


Suzie Andrew
Phone: 0431 457 355
Email: calm@simplyfornow.com.au 


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